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Maria Sharapova Hustles Dudes in the Hospital of the Day

Lookin’ at these pictures of Maria Sharapova make me think that the only reason everyone wants to fuck her happens while on the tennis court, because all the other chicks she plays against are bull dykes. I don’t find her as hot as I once did, because I guess I am easily influenced by the media too and it looks like she’s turned her visit to the Children’s Hospital to cheer up sick kids into some intro scene to a porno as her horny tennis vagina went straight for the surfer lookin’ backstreet boy and not for the pasty bald kid with Leukemia. I guess she’ll take frosted ratty Effron hair on a dude she know will jerk off to her as soon as his broken leg heals than some vomiting kid trying to play with blocks but not being able to muster up the energy to actually build anything cuz the chemo is just too hard on its little weak body. I’d say that at least she’s out there doing something good for the public, but it’s safe to say that she’s just thinkin’ with her cock, like the time I went to a car wash with my friend to support some High School graduation and slipped the girls an extra 25 dollars to do shit in their bikinis. I am sure they had a great graduation but I am sure it wasn’t as great as my car wash was.

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  • joe

    If the dude is sick… why is he wearing shoes?

  • BoogieNYC

    Why is her friend hotter than her?

  • sammyk

    Her friend is camilla belle – see her in “10,000 BC”.

  • Thanks for this post!

    I really appreciated it! ^^

  • rmm

    I wonder if Maria went down on the surfer boy after the other chick excused herself to go to the ladies room?