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Elisha Cuthbert is Wasted of the Day

I am a drinker and I get drunk but for some reason I kinda hate drunk girls despite how slutty they get, just because trying to talk to them and manage their craziness becomes too much fuckin’ work, but the thing I like about drunk girls is that they let down their guard and usually are willing to jump on dick in some irrational horny lapse of judgment because the guard is down and they usually don’t use condoms because they are too drunk to be smart about their junk, making the girls you meet in bars usually a lot dirtier than the whores you meet on the street and here’s some Elisha Cuthbert walking out of somewhere totally wasted with some big guy who gives it to her and will probably have to deal with her puking all over his chest after going down on him because the room is spinning and the dick is hitting the back of her throat, but I guess that’s a small price to pay to have some d-list actress who hardly works up on your dick.

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  • paul

    the dude is Dion Pfaneuf, he plays for the Calgary Flames and apparently likes Sean Avery’s sloppy seconds.

  • Jimbo

    It is Phaneuf…holy shit!!! When did Avery dump her??

  • Part

    She dumped him months ago. Back in mid-late 2007. She was single for a while and got with Phaneuf in early 08

  • Ethan

    WORD Jesus.

  • Fecal_Peanut

    That was a long fucking sentence, dude.

  • JMoney

    Dion Phaneuf, dun dan nanana!, Dion Phaneuf, dun dan na na!

  • Fed Ex

    She was with Mike Komisarek of the Habs after Avery but before Phaneuf, she’s officially the hottest puck bunny I’ve ever seen

  • Tard Blossom Gingersnap

    She’s originally from Calgary, eh? She’ll break it off if he ever gets traded.

  • joe schmo

    Damn. You must really hate women to write some shit up like that, man. Sad and sorry.

  • jeswunsum

    boo-ya id giv her a lift home 2, 2 my home that is