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Mandy Moore’s Dumpy Ass Gets Her Dry Cleaning of the Day

mandy moore ass

I am still drunk from last night and I’m lookin’ at these pictures and all I’m seeing is some pudgy faced slut, who slammed DJ AM for a while, who has probably been working out a little because she’s got the confidence to wear tight pants, but then again, she could just be wrongfully showing off her ass because of all the positive feedback she constantly gets from a group of very well paid assistants who are there to tell her how great she is and from her fans because she’s one of those girls who has a whole lot of obsessive compulsive virgins collectors who think she’s the chosen one.

Truth is, it looks pretty ok to me, but then again I am still drunk and haven’t had sex in a really long fuckin’ time, so I am equally attracted to plastic bag of dry cleaning she’s carrying, but that’s just because I have a thing for dresses that can’t be machine washed or get wet. They are just so high maintenance and classy and remind me of my wife. Not because she’s high maintenance or classy, but because she’s too big for the bathtub and has to wash herself in the winter using this powder, in the summer we just hose the bitch down.

Either way, here’s Mandy Moore’s ass in tight pants.

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  • i think mandy moore has a fine ass.