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Eva Herzigova in Lingerie in Cannes of the Day

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Despite finding lingerie kinda lame when it comes to finding pictures to jerk off to, I am all for girls who would normally be in normal clothes wearing lingerie instead of normal clothes because it makes things more interesting to look at. I have no idea who Eva Herzigova but she somehow managed to get invited to Cannes and is wearing some kind of 1980’s style lingerie instead of a normal dress and that may not be all that hot but it’s better than nothing.

I went to a dress store with one of my stepdaughters the other day, I am not entirely sure why I agreed to it but I am glad I did because as she was going through every single dress in the place, I was standing by the changing room watching teenage girls try on their prom dresses. Now that may not seem all that exciting to you, I am easily pleased and watching bra flashes and panty flashes as their mom’s zipped them up was like porn to me…Either way, here’s Eva.

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