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Ivanka Trump May Have Nipples of the Day

I am not sure if these are actually Ivanka Trumps nipples or if she’s just faking us out with the way her conservative mormon lookin’ dress is made, but I am all about pretending. Just last night I told myself that I had morals and refused to acknowledge the future sex offender in a sweater vest I met at the bar I was drinking at. As he twitched and awkwardly rubbed his hand and stroked his beer like it was a woman he so desperately yearned to be with while talking about all the hot girls that were at the bar next door that he was too shy to go into because hot girls don’t like him and how if he had his way he’d take them all in the back alley and have his way with them but he’s scared of getting caught. I just told him he was a creep and had to respect girls when I would have normally joined in on the rape talk and given him tips how to not get caught. I know that story may not make sense and I guess you had to be there but here are some Trump nipples and they are richer than me.

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    But who cares? Really?

  • kaly223

    She looks beautiful. I love her. I saw her profiIle on “W e a l t h yR o m a n c eDOTc o m” last week. It is said she is daTting young bilLlionaire on that sIite.

  • miguel

    It’s unfortunate that this fucking whore looks like her father. However, I imagine that saggy rug-wearing cunt Donald has bigger tits than this shit smear that ran down her momma’s leg.