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Mila Kunis is Hot Pumping Gas of the Day

The only thing that could justify these gas prices is if Mila Kunis gave you a blowjob everytime you fill your tank.
Thanks Iraq.

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  • JapaneseGameShow

    I’d be all up in that shit and I’d be like “I’m all up in your shit”, and Kunis would be like “Mmmmfff mmm unnnggghh”, because of the duct tape, then the duct tape would come off and she’d be all like “GET THE FUCK OUT OF ME YOU FUCKING RAPIST FREAK! I’M CALLING THE POLICE” and I’d be all like “Well you better call family planning coz I just dumped a nutsack full of crack-addled jism into your she-hole”, and she’d be all like “Oh, baby, I didn’t mean what I said, let’s buy a puppy and an SUV”, and I’d be all like “Later bitch”, then she’d cry and I’d LOL.

  • Bob

    She looks so pretty and large sexy. She is my favor. I saw her new sexy privacy pho0tos in site ‘’W e a l t h y L o v I n g . c o m ’’. So wonder. She is always dating young billionaire on that site.

  • yo yo pa

    in case someone is blind in both eyes, this is an obvious photo op.

    Hair/makeup, etc, not to mention, it’s possibly the first time Mila has gone out of the house in something other than sweats.

    But damn, looks terrific.

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    ok…so its a photo op

    and i highly doubt that mila is still pumpin her own gas, let alone going to a self serve station

    but dang…she does look good

    and im still pissed that the home alone fucktard is hitting that

  • vicky


  • Deathamphetamine

    just think how hot she would be if her tits were just a BIT bigger.

  • fuckstik

    I’d walk all over this little cunting gash , fucking finger her little ass while fucking stabbing her guts with my veiny rod

  • grape

    I would push the nozzle in her puss all day..to get some real gasoline…mmmmmmmm good

  • Shanna

    Just think about how hot you would be, Deathamphetamine, if your dick was just a BIT bigger, and by a bit bigger I mean bigger than two inches, because that’s probably how big your dick is.

  • fuckstik

    For the record , my purple headed yogurt slinger is veiny and massive and I cum like a faucet

  • Candi Apples

    Mila Kunis looks hungover in this pic,but still super cute and slutty.

    I just can’t figure out why she is still engaged to stoner/has been
    Macualy Culkin….

    I swear,until Mila dumps this loser,she is still going to have a shitty career.

    Did I say that Mila likes to party(sniff sniff)…….She’s fun to chill with.

  • ComptonSoldia

    Mila is taking pointers from Kimmy K and is into black dick, bigtime. Sorry whitey!!

  • JimD

    You just can’t top what “JapaneseGameShow” had to say! Still laughing…

  • Hard on

    If she was giving out blowjobs with every full tank I would go buy a SUV today! I’d like to do a three way with her and that Jo Jo chick.

  • Gas prices these days are just getting higher, i think the government should focus more on alternative energy..”`

  • gas prices are still on the rise today, we should go Alternative Fuel*;*

  • gas prices would steadily go up and the supply dwindle and the saudis like to increase their profit margin*-~