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Bai Ling on the Beach of the Day

Bai Ling is consistently weird. Not as weird as the dude I saw walking his dog with his feet because he had no arms, but still pretty fucking weird. Here she is in a bathrobe at the beach in what I assume is a photoshoot that I guess people care enough about her to take, or that she paid to get done, but that doesn’t negate the fact that you want to fuck her.

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  • ken

    She is like the ugliest Asian bitch i have ever seen. I never understand why she is famous the first place. I guess the white people here think all the ugly Asian Me-So-Horny Me-Suck-You-Long-Time type are somehow exotic and pretty. They need to go to Asia to see what really Asian hotties look like……….sigh……

  • You know come to think about it, I think she lost her rockers after her relationship with Chris Isaak ended.

  • Candi Apples

    Bai Ling is a has been,so it always amazes me when she gets any kind of publicity.

    And she’s got the worst fashion sense I have ever seen,
    (along with Britney and Victoria Beckham).

  • chink chong

    Don’t sweat it,people…even we chinese finds her fugly…that’s why we sent her to america…

  • Jeff

    Sorry to disagree but I think she’s weird and I would NOT fuck her.

  • Mark

    Everyone, I give you the next Amy Whinehouse, the asian version

  • What the hell did that guys comment have to do with this?? He is obviously a spammer. No matter how hard you try they still slip through dont they.

  • Lost Andy

    Sorry folks, Bai Ling is smoking hot. The crazier she gets, the crazier I get.