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Tera Patrick at some High Times Party of the Day

Tera Patrick is on the cover of High Times magazine, that can be found in News Stands Nationwide today, if you’re into shitty quality magazine that you only support because in some weird way you think you are supporting your cause as a pot head or some shit, like smoking weed is a fucking subculture that needs a fucking magazine, with girls in it and tips on how to grow shit, well the truth is that you’d have to be fucking high to find this Tera Patrick slut hot. She looks worse than most tranny whores I see and it looks like bitch swallowed her fucking chin along with a couple of gallons of cum. If you’re not high and digging these pictures than you are gay and there’s nothing wrong with being gay but there is something wrong with being straight and attracted to this disgusting mess in her shitty lingerie that makes her clown lookin’ face more like it belongs in a circus, and less like it belongs in my fantasies.

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  • Candi Apples

    I don’t know what porn star looks worse,Tera Patrick,or meth addict Jenna Jamieson…

    Ok,so Jenna is a step up,but not by much.

    Tera Patrick is one of the ugliest porn stars I have ever seen.

  • Gia!

    Tera was beautiful, until she altered her natural breasts and messed up her beautiful face.

    How insecure are women in the porn industry that they have to alter their bodies.

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