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Brooke Hogan Does Maxim of the Day

Brooke Hogan brought her muscles to Maxim for this boring photoshoot. I can only assume that Hulk paid them to give her the press for her birthday or that Maxim are slowly going bankrupt because no one buys magazines and are taking what they can get.

Her dad showed up on the set of the shoot to make sure she doesn’t show off too much skin, apparetly he’s like a jealous boyfriend who doesn’t want other men to appreciate the luscious curves he’s been appreciating since she hit puberty. I remember a dude I knew who would go nuts when his chick tanned topless in front of me, he thought it was the end of the fucking world that I knew what her tits looked like and that if I wanted to, I could jerk off to them knowing exactly what he was playing with everynight. I feel like this Hulk control issues stem from the same evil green monster.

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