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Christina Aguilera Sluts It Up in Dubai of the Day

Donald Trump opened a building in Dubai because it’s a booming city and dude knows that he might as will cash in on the Arabs and their money, while America is falling to shit. He kept the event classy by bringing Aguilera in to perform because I guess he’s really trying to gently enter the arab market by discreetly polluting it with American trash.

I know all you patriotic fucks are convinced to hate Arabs because you believe they are trying to take down your country and shit, but the way I see it, they are a progressive nation who put a lot of energy in letting women know their place in the world all while the men go out and make mountains of oil money to bring home to their 4 wives who are dressed like ninjas.

They are a force to seriously be reckoned with and if things go their way, your wives and daughters will be coverin’ up which isn’t so bad considering the kind of perverts our culture breeds. I know that if I had my way, I’d be the only one allowed to see my stepdaughter naked.

Either way, here’s Aguilera slutting out in dessert luxury…..

Ivanka Trump Also Showed Up to the Event Because It is Her Inheritance and Retirement Plan…

Hayden Panettiere was also there, wearing an animal print stripper outfit because she’s wild and dangerous and pretty inappropriate considering it is an Arab city that doesn’t really care to see her midget freakshow body and have reason when they throw a sheet at her to cover that boxy body up…..

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  • Pete

    I give this post 3 thumbs up.

  • Pete

    Christina, next time you grab your snatch lift up your dress.

  • Pete

    It looks like Christina wants to suck that microphone in picture # 8.

  • Cabrini Green

    Trump’s a smart cat bringing all those blonde, (mainly) fake-titted pale hooers with him to Dubai.
    With the weekly planes importing Russian Playmates to the Saudi royal family – that’s where the money’s at.

  • Candi Apples

    Donald Trump pulled out all the stops,to make this even successful.

    And he was smart to hire a slut to do the job.

    Surprised to see Ivanka so covered up though,cause she is usually showing off the new titties daddy bought for her 2 yrs ago.

    And why do people still insist on inviting
    Hayden Panettiere to their parties?

  • Candi Apples

    Maybe the Donald was hoping to get Hayden all liquored up,so he could have his way with her.lol

    He knows a skank when he sees one,seeing as he’s married a few.

  • your comments about the whole girls covering up thing is awesome. i mean its so true? whats the big deal about covering up…they save the best for who it matters most to. you rock buddy you rock.

  • Johnny

    This event was not held in Dubai, it was in Los Angeles for the opening of the Dubai hotel.

  • why am I NEVER invited to such opening parties??? lol