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Sophie Monk Shows Off Some Leg of the Day

I went to a bar once and in the corner was a creepy lonely lookin guy on the piano. He was playing the song “Lady in Red” over and over and he sounded sad. He kept ordering cocktails and I knew that he never planned his life to end up in a dive bar playing the piano. I could tell he had dreams of grandeur, you know, to take his talent to the top of the charts like he was Elton John, but instead was living in a studio apartment with no hot water and playing the piano in exchange for free booze.

Either way, I got fed up of hearing the Lady in Red song, it was a little tedious after the 4th time, so I went up to him and tried to chat him up and win him over, after realizing he was a miserable person, I snuck in a little “do you know any other songs” and he went rabid. His eyes widened and he screamed “I play what I fell like playing, now get the fuck away from me” before breaking down and running off to the bathroom, 5 minutes later he was back at the bar, ordering another drink and 5 minutes later, he was back at the piano playing Lady in Red again.

I feel like his personal torment was on the same level of Sophie Monk’s after he fiance left her for Paris Hilton. That’s the kind of thing that makes a person want to kill themselves, so it’s nice to see that she’s surviving and showing off her legs and hair extensions while doin’ it.

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  • FngFer

    Haha, it’s me again! I just realize that I’ve never seen Sophie in anything at all.

  • Pete

    I’d like to see Sophie sucking my cock!

  • Candi Apples

    Sophie Monk doesn’t look good in the color red.

    Funny story about the Chris De Burgh,the man who sang lady in red.

    When the song first came out in the 80’s,it was a surprise hit,and was constantly on the radio.

    Anyways,fans in England learned of Chris De Burgh’s address,and one vandal spray painted red paint on the front of his mansion.

    Apparently this sent Chris De Burgh into a rage,so he moved,and swore never to sing ‘Lady in red’ again,or talk about it.

    He kept his promise,and in the process of it,lost his career.