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Check Out the Dude in These Bijou Phillips Pictures of the Day

I like to hate on Bijou Phillips, I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s because she never added me to Facebook, but it’s probably because she’s one of those LA rich kids who moved to New York to be a hipster, living the cocaine party slut fashionista life, and she looks like she takes her life too seriously. I remember hearing a story about her, where she went home with some film maker or DJ who was dating some model, and bitch let him fuck her up the ass. I am not lying. She’s accessible like that and why wouldnt she be, she’s clearly on some kind of quest to find herself and like all girls on a quest to find themselves, they slut out.

I know that she’s dating Hyde from That 70’s Show, who also won’t add me to Facebook. I am sure it’s got nothing to do with me saying they have Aids and more to do with no knowing who the fuck I am, but that’s the kind of internet snob behavior that proves a person takes themselves way too seriously, that pisses me off, not as much as the model who found out that Bijou Phillips seduced her fiance that she lived with with anal sex, but it still pisses me off.

That’s why I think this post should be about the guy in the background of the pictures, because he’s far more entertaining to look at than this try-hard hipster slut.

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  • rain

    Ever heard that this one appeared on the hot hook-up club
    ” wealthyromanceS.Com ”
    for wealthy singles to hook up for Love and Sexy dating?

  • bet it has more to do with him being a scientologist.

  • Candi Apples

    Bijou Philips is not dating Hyde,but his younger,
    less successful brother.

    Anyways,Bijou Philips has no career,and just sponges off of
    daddy’s dwindling retirement fund from the
    Mamas and The Papas.

    Cocaine slut,with no talent,mediocre looks,no intelligence,
    and a D list status in Hollywood.