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Slutty Sisters of the Day

I don’t know who these twins are and I don’t really care because I got a fucking finger shoved in my ass toay and I am not really in the mood to use google, for fear that I may land on images of prostate exams being administered, which is never a good thing for me, because girls don’t have a fucking prostate, not that I ever tell them that for fear that they’ll catch onto my lie that is “lookin’ for cancer, since it’s pretty fuckin’ common” to get up in there in the first place and I’d hate my strategy to be let out of the fucking bag.

Either way, these girls look like they are down with anal, I mean all girls who were raised in Hollywood with dreams of fame are, and if they happen to be the only two who aren’t then I bet they are definitely down with showering together, because they are sisters after all and it’s only natural and that’s good enough for me, because they aren’t all that hot as one, but pretty fucking glorious as a tag team.

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  • Pete

    I’d love to do a 3 way with these two whores.

  • Cornflakes

    I thought this was going to be yet another article about the Kardashians.

  • toke

    they arent twins, they are at least 2 or 3 years apart. the older one used to be on disney, they havent done much in the last few years aside from an mtv my super sweet sixteen movie tie in