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Lauren Conrad Bought an Audi R8 of the Day

Everyone hates on Lauren Conrad and the cast of The Hills for making shit loads of money for being useless cunts, but the real person to hate, is yourself. What it comes down to is that you or people you know watch the show and get caught up in their fabricated lives and feed into its success. That is the reason why she gets paid enough money to buy herself 115,000 dollar cars, while the rest of America is going bankrupt and losing their houses, and I feel like she deserves it because she’s the one on the fucking show and if she was getting paid any less, that money would be further lining MTVs pockets and their already making enough off this scam. So here she is in her nice new car she recently had delivered while I’m about to go out on a drive on my mismatched running shoes I got at the Salvation Army.

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  • bobo

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  • uwe

    nice fucking car lady…

  • Mattiavelli

    I don’t know how Audi would let their brand get ruined like this…