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Hayden Panettiere Doesn’t Get Involved In Other People’s Relationships of the Day

So Hayden Panettiere makes pretty bad Political jokes on Funny or Die and with Jessica Alba for Declare Yourself , because she’s 18 now and is excited about this new found right that she’s been given and she’s taking it seriously, by trying to shove ideas down our throats, while forgetting to remind us, that she’s 18 fucking years old and has lived in a rich household her entire life and really has no life experience, education or reason to be doing that, other than by trying to stay trendy.

That said, here she is in a video saying that the Madonna divorce is none of her business, because I guess she’s taking the high road and feels like relationship matters or something sacred to the people involved, unlike political stance, which to her should be tattooed on your fucking forehead, like she’s a modern fucking hippie trying to make change and use her celebrity to do that.

The truth is that I don’t have an opinion on the Madonna divorce either, people get divorced every fucking day, who gives a fuck, but I just thought seeing Hayden Panettiere keep her mouth shut for once was a nice change of pace and worth celebrating….another thing worth celebrating, that I lived to see October 16, 2008 despite what my doctor’s been telling me the last 5 years if I don’t clean up my act, which i haven’t.

Here are some pictures of Hayden in a lacy shirt even though this kind of lace is more like the lace you’d see in a middle class retired woman who collects teddy bears house as a table cloth or window treatment and not the kind of lace you’d see on a stripper in cheap lingerie soliciting full service lap dances for 40 dollars.

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  • thebigbad

    Woooo, shoulda kept the long hair sweetie.

  • u

    She’s not 18 she’s 19. Why are you taking the funny or die video so seriously? It isn’t a real PSA it’s a spoof, parody, a mock PSA.


    I wish she would get involved in the relationship between me and my cock.

  • Tyler

    Why does everyone get pissed if someone whose 18 says something about politics. Just because we are young doesnt mean we dont pay attention. Im 20 years old and I can guarantee I know more about politics than 90% of the population. As for not commenting on bullshit celebrity relationships good for her…it’s no ones business.

  • FinalcountDown

    Tylor: Because you are not very nuanced in your worldly observations when you are 18. Just because you can read, and have read alot, does not mean you are able to intepret that information into anything other then a “Hear me quote” opinion.

    I am not saying you are a dumb concieved (Just lost me teenie-status) though you probabl are. Just that most sheltered Hollywood midgets tend to be.

    And. Young people are way to idealistic, because you have nothing riding on anything. School, boyfriend girlffriend. You vote for whomever benefits you the most. Unless you like midget-girl have so much money you can offord to vote on whomever makes you stand up like goodie two shoes of greeny green pastures.

    (sorry for broken english: snooty european)