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Mark Wahlberg Hates Jewish People of the Day

Mark Wahlberg announced on national TV, if you can consider Kimmel national TV considering about 4 people watch his shit show, that he wants to punch some Jewish dude who used to make viral videos and who is now on Saturday Night Live for no reason other than the fact that he is Jewish. He even makes a point of saying that he will punch his Jew nose and I think it’s because he’s a religious Christian and he can’t deal with the fact that the Jews don’t accept his Messiah and think that they are the chosen ones, when Wahlberg knows very well that the Pope is the chosen one…..

The real story, or the story he claims is the real story, to try to take away from the fact that he hates Jews is that Samberg made fun of him on SNL and Wahlberg doesn’t like being laughed at. The reality is that no matter what the reason for the beating is, Samberg better watch the fuck out, because Wahlberg’s from the hood and before he was famous he blinded a motherfucker, something all the lawyers letters that Sambergs pussy Jew self threatens to issue as Wahlberg backs him into a corner, can’t really reverse.

The sad truth is that this battle won’t come to blows and no matter how much he slams SNL for not being funny, this will just fuel more bad jokes that only 14 year olds and 50 year olds will apppreciate because anyone between those ages will be doing better things, like drinking and fucking, except you, you’ll be surfing the internet like the loser you are…..

Either way, Here’s the SNL Clip he’s crying about:

UPDATE – Some Good Vibrations to Remind You Of His Hood Roots

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  • Tiffany

    i hate kykes too

  • yawn

    it isnt cool anymore to act like you’re a tough guy.. when you’re making millions you should be able to take a little stick.. besides who’s gonna be scared of a 5’8″ actOR.

  • Connor

    I lol’d big time.

    Andy Samberg does a good Mark Wahlberg. The dog one was the best. Wahlberg should relax and learn to laugh. Its just comedy…its not like he insulted him. It was just an impersonation.

  • Mike

    Yeah, I agree. Mark needs to not take himself too seriously, its not a good look.

  • spbh

    Ok I don’t really comment here, but Tiffany needs to fuck off. I understand that you don’t like to censor shit on your site, but racial slurs crosses a line. I would hope that you wouldn’t condone shit like this.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Yeah send that cunt to a re-education camp or something. You know, for wrong-thinking.

    Oh, wait, we have to wait another month for that.

    Carry on.

  • John

    Hook. Line. Sinker.

    This is all a set up. Markey Mark is a decent actor, but this one he sucked. It’s a ploy. He’s going to be on SNL…..I wonder why? Oh my! Will it be to hit a guy in the face? Oh…oh…now I MUST watch! (That’s sarcasm by the way)

    I will say though, that SNL skit was the funniest crap I’ve seen in a loooong time. Very, very funny. Short and to the point too.

  • TheExpatriot

    All religions suck, and their followers are fighting each other, causing unrest and hatred.

    If you know you don’t have to believe.

  • I liked Marky Mark until I just saw the rage that guy has over that. I guess he doesn’t like the way he looks on camera.

  • Robert

    You have a lot of issues. First you assume he said big nose because the guy on SNL is Jewish. Then you assume Wahlberg is Christian although Wahlberg sounds like a Jewish name. they you go off on some kink of anti christian rant. All this adds up to you being a prick bastard.

  • Tjohooo

    “Then you assume Wahlberg is Christian although Wahlberg sounds like a Jewish name”

    It’s a swedish name actually.

  • Damus

    Why has this web site taken something and made it more than it is? At what point was ‘jew’ mentioned. Absolute crappy rubbish made to stir things up. Unbelievable

  • Tom O

    What the fuck does any of this have to do with Andy Samberg being a Jew? He’s a guy with a big nose, and Mark Wahlberg is a tough guy with an attitude problem. I concur with Robert above that YOU have issues.

  • Martinez, you rock, keep stirring that pot son.

  • Elijah

    At what point is there any mention of jews or jewishness? Also Wahlberg’s response is meant to be tongue in cheek and it sounds like Kimmel and the audience got that it was all in jest. Can you seriously not see that?

  • Robert II

    I’ve always thought Wahlberg was a Jewish guy.

  • G

    Ok….”You People” need to lighten up, just like Mark needs to lighten up. I was a closet fan when it was Marky Mark and when he started acting I’ve almost always enjoyed his work. and for the SNL skit that was some funny shit, I have no idea what provoked it or where it came from but it was definately some funny shit! and from what I’ve seen he didn’t mentions jews and for the most part they don’t have the market cornered on big noses. And to Mark, still a fan but lighten up…..you’re no Frank Sinatra. and the rest of you idiots that wanna infer race into everything……go rent AmericanX and have a big hug fest.

  • jeff

    Obviously Mark does have a sense of Humor, he was on SNL played along…oh yeah.. fuck the author! Mark didn´t say shit about Jews.. seems like you´re uncomfortable with your faith.

  • jeff

    Oh yeah, one more thing. The people claiming that Mark is a Jew.. get a life. Just because you´re name ends with a “berg” doesn´t make you a Jew. He was raised Catholic, his parents are from Boston..Irish decent. Screw the author for making this a racial thing, when it was all just about a skit. Why would Wahlberg make anti semitic remarks on Jimmy K´s Show anyway? Jimmy is jewish himself. Stupid prick author.

  • jeff

    and then this dumb fuck author talks about people being losers for surfing the net, well what makes that you? A loser who writes for the losers. lol Dumb fuck.