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Lauren Conrad Shows Off her Legs of the Day

People say Lauren Conrad is useless, and I say that’s bullshit, her show is useless, there’s no doubt about that, butaccording to these pictures she’s got a decent set of legs, both feet, both arms and both hands. I mean I’ve met amputees and they don’t really give a very good handjob, if you know what I mean…..

She’s also got a mouth, tits, an ass and a pussy. Making her as useful as any girl can possibly get. So stop hating on her, while I stop posting on the site, because this post was a fucking travesty and I think I’m better suited to go out drinking because I need new material and it is Wednesday night afterall….

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  • Candi Apples

    Lauren Conrad is the prettiest girl on The Hills,
    and the most down to Earth.

    Ceiling Eyes aka Audrina is trying to make her look bad,by saying that Lauren slept with her greaseball bf Justin-Bobby.

    But Lauren is not a publicity whore,and I don’t think she would stoop so low as to sleep with a friends bf.

    Unlike Audrina,who has already done nudie pics,
    and is friends with 2 of the biggest media whores around……Heidi and Spencer.

  • himsoforreal

    hey… thanks for the recap… never seen the show, seeing as i’m not a tween…. or a queen. but i’d have to split this little flower right down the middle … then back again… crosspollenate… if y’know what i mean!?! whoo it’s 7:34am and i’m feeling a lil woozy

  • marshall

    she has kute legs but needs some real muscle legs to top the other female hollywood stars… Please work out and the rewards will be a great future possible Playboy will ask you to pose nude in the magazine?