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Cheryl Tweedy’s Got Some Hot Cleavage of the Day

Here are some pictures of Cheryl Tweedy’s tits that are probably old, but my advisor told me before throwing these out there, that the orgasm they may help produce will be new, so it doesn’t matter when they were taken. My advisor, was unfortunately, myself, I haven’t got big enough to afford people to consult, but I decied I should just post them and get on with trying to find some fresher shit and that wasn’t a reference to Cheryl Tweedy being married to a black guy, therefore no longer fresh, if that’s what you’re thinking Racist, I just mean that if you’ve already seen them this is a huge waste of your time, but since I don’t mind wasting your time, since there’s a lot of it to be wasted, I figure, I’ll just post them, since when you masturbate on your computer, you don’t need to know who the girl in the video is, when the video was shot, or if she’s even still alive. So why not use the same logic when doing a post on some UK Spice Girl impersonator’s tits, because there’s really nothing else to talk about, except maybe the fact that you can get off to pictures of cleavage, in which case, you are probably 12 years old and should not be reading this site.

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