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Paris Hilton’s Got Her Crazy Push-Up Bra Again of the Day

Paris Hilton may be dull in the bedroom, dull in her everyday life, useless and not attractive. She may have no talent and she may be a genius playing stupid, but I like to think she’s actually a stupid person with a smart team of advisors who spin her stupidity to work in all of their favor to make them money like the tool that she is. She may be have sold her soul, intergrity, vagina to the devil and she may be shameless and totally irrelevant now. She is a has-been who’s milked us for as much as she’s going to get, and she may be better off dead, but damn, this girl knows how to make A-Cup tits look like C-Cup tits better than anyone I’ve seen in my everyday life.

I don’t know what straps and harnesses and gel filled cup she’s using, but it’s definitely something she can sell to seventh grade 12 year old girls, maybe it’s already in the works as her next product line and I am sure all those girls are as excited for it to hit as they are for their period to hit, because this will revolutionize girls being teased for being flat, feeling insecure for being flat, and will put an end to them having to wait until they are 15 to really get the male attention they are craving….I figure since Paris Hilton already made the youth vapid little sluts in training, she might as well give them the tools they need to really maximize it and that’s the end of this post.

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  • Ass Rocket

    Looks like Paris in having a sale on B.J.’s ‘50% off’! The economy must really be worse than I think….!

  • It’s true, she’s great at turning her A’s into C’s! Better than any celebrity–or person–I’ve ever seen.

    That seems a little unfair to men, and to women (with natural C’s, like me). False advertising!

  • Candi Apples

    Paris still looks flat with a push up bra,but it’s an improvement.

    But,if a young girl is wanting to learn how to dress like a streetwalker,then Paris is the role model they want.

    I especially like the fishnets Paris is wearing,it adds that extra slut factor required for the look of a herpes ridden whore!

  • Cornflakes

    Is that supposed to be a Halloween costume? She looks like a broomstick in a trash bag.

  • Groupie

    Why bother faking her tits bigger when everyone already knows how small they are?

  • why?

    she already has a line of paris hilton bras

  • Thanks for this post!

    I really appreciated it! ^^