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Pixie Geldof’s 18 Year Old Pierced Nipple of the Day

I don’t know if you know who the Geldof’s are, but I know a bit about them. I know that Bob Geldof is the father of this piece of work, he is a rocker who does charity events like Live Aid in the 80s and Live 8 last year, who is clearly lived the rockstar life with his wife and the mother of this piece of work who died of a drug overdose. She has a sister named Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Drummey Geldof, at least that’s the crazy name they have for her in Wikipedia, giving me an idea on how these fuck-ups were raised. She has been a scandelous socialite party girl in the UK for a while, has had a reality TV show or two and lives in the USA now. She is always on the cover of the tabloids and people seem to give a fuck about this bitch, like Americans care about Paris Hilton, and the whole lot of them are totally dysfunctional, drug using, exhibitionists and when the 18 year old sister Pixie follows her disturbing ways by showing off her titty ring, I am not complaining, it’s more interesting than watching rich girls go to the country club for a game of tennis with their royal boyfriends, or sitting on the sidelines of a Polo match in their summer hats sipping tea. This is the new generation of money fuckin’ up kids and I like to keep tabs, at least I do today, because self destruction because you are bored since you have everything, is more fun than self destruction when you are hurting because you have nothin’.

Think about that while I try to pull myself together and get some posts worth reading up, it’s been the challenge of the last 4 years and I still haven’t got to that level, but maybe I will, so I expect you to keep coming back, like I expect Pixie and Peaches to die of drug overdoses.

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  • Candi Apples

    Pixie Geldof bares a striking physical resembalance to
    Kelly Osbourne,and that is not a good thing.

    Peaches is more attractive,although just as fucked up as her sis Pixie.

    Instead of attempting to save the world with charity events, Bob Geldof should start by trying to save his daughters from such self destructive behaviour,and clean up the shit in his own backyard.

  • Alabama Chapstick

    So many thoughts on this wet mess. But none worth typing.

    I will only add:

    “Get ready Paula, here come your girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Ass Rocket

    I bet she likes Anal!!

  • kim

    Besided all the worthless endeavors Bob Geldof sets out to do, he was “Pink” in “The Wall.”