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Olsen Twins Versus Peta Round 2 of the Day

I hate animal rights activists. You know instead of protesting people who are hating on fur, because they are jealous those people can afford fur, since the beginning of time, fur was considered to be a sign of status. You know, Kings would wear lion manes and other exotic animal furs brought to them as gifts from explorers and other kingdoms.

I met a king once, while not really a king, but a guy who would be trap mice, rats and squirrels, to skin and sew together into blankets and clothing, so he too could stay warm, like the royalty only a lot worse smelling. He was a homeless dude who used to hunt city animals in parks and suburban areas, because he didn’t want to be one of those 9 to 5 assholes who conformed to society, but instead chose to fend for himself and be self sufficient in the urban wilderness without needing much money. He invited me to his really disgusting shanty under the bridge once, and hanging from the walls were the furs of various animals drying, I’m talking shit he hunted or found, like rats, squirrels, cats, skunks and various animal meats being turned into some kind of jerky for him to eat during the cold winter months. Like an Indian (feather not dot), he’d use all their parts, the meat for food, the bones for arts and crafts and tools, the fur for warmth, and while feeling that I walked into a shitty horror movie, or a time of yesteryear, he took me over to the clothes he made, and it was fuckin disgusting patchy and dirty animals you would try not to get near because of rabies turned into disgusting pieces of clothing you wouldn’t want to go near because it was disgusting….but yeah, these Peta people seriously need something better to do, who cares what people are wearing, sure we all like animals, but it is survival of the fuckin’ fittest, and if you can afford good fur, you should be able to buy it, and if you can’t you should not take my homeless friends lead, because it was disgusting and probably unsanitary, but you should definitely not waste your time being jealous of people who can afford it because you looks like a total asshole…..

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  • cunty cuntall

    Mmmmm – Olsen Twins. Better than rooting my Granma anyday !!

  • Gina

    That commentary makes you sound like the most uninformed, ignorant, idiot… ever. Were you actually being serious? Christ…

  • evan

    Your a fucking idiot for being this ignorant and should take yourself back behind your shed and rid the world of one more stupid piece of shit.