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Kanye West Suicide Watch on Conan of the Day

I was at some chick who lives in the building’s apartment because I needed to borrow a cup of sugar, and by sugar I mean bitch just wanted to fuck me and I don’t have it in my to say no to positive attention and by wanting to fuck I mean I invited myself over to watch TV because I don’t have one.

I ended up watching Kanye on Conan and when I watch him I feel like I am experiencing some sort of mental breakdown, and since I was too busy staring at the chick who lives in my building’s braless titties, I didn’t really pay much attention to this insecure broken down motherfucker, but I did notice that near the end of the interview he announces he has to go to the bathroom like he’s got no fucking filter or care for anyone by himself in his self centered world, like a retarded kid who can’t think 30 seconds into the future, and who need handlers to make sure he doesn’t do things he’s not supposed to when in public, like this retard I used to work with, who was hired by some work program, so my boss could get cheap labor, and I could have a good laugh when showing him pictures of tits in playboy and convincing him that they were the girl we worked with’s tits, getting him all riled up and ending with him groping her, because dude liked what he saw and didn’t realize shit was inappropriate behavior because he could only work on impulse, it’s what being retarded’s all about.

Either way, Kanye doesn’t play along with any of Conan’s jokes, he wasn’t interesting to listen to, he wasn’t funny, and he wasn’t normal, he seemed medicated and totally affected by the fame, money, and death of his mother. Dude’s about to fucking crack and he reminded me of a 5 year old who just got molested only he takes himself a lot more seriously than a 5 year old, with self-proclaimed announcements that he’s a pop artist through music and shit, because everyone knows if you call yourself a pop artist, people will believe you’re one, but the real truth is that his art died the second he made his first album, now he’s just some mainstream, pop, Daft Punk rip off artist, milkin it for all he can while losing his fucking perspective and slowly diving into insanity and the day he takes his shit that he’s been taking so seriously to heart and ends up jumping off a fuckin’ building, or Kurt Cobaining himself.

He’s not pushing boundaries, he’s just a broken down motherfucker and I think it’s gotta do with God taking his momma away, but maybe it’s time for his friends to intervene, but I am pretty sure he doesn’t have any, he’s just got employees and people sucking up to him and that’s probably where the crazy started.

Here’s his performance.

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  • mike

    Ever saw a one sorta like this one on ___ MillionaireLover Com ____ It’s where romancing with the rich singles!

  • Lonnie

    I fucking hate this loser – will someone please beat his miserable ass into oblivion and get it over with.

  • fudtyy

    hes really losing it.

  • sham

    People are awful tough on this guy, his mom died and his fiance left him because he is “possesed by his music and tour”. Fame indirectly took his mother from him and his fiance from him and everyone is pissed when he isnt peppy or witty or exactly what everyone wants him to be. Its people like you who drive these talents crazy, why are they held to higher standards than you hold yourself too and dont tell me he asked for it by becoming a star or by having high aspirations because high aspirations shouldnt result in all the jealous people trying to claw at you legs to bring you back down.