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Kanye’s Eat Shit and Die Freestyle of the Day

A fan through a penny at Kanye, which it too bad, because they should have thrown a brick or something that permanently damages him so that he can stop his touring because this hipster poser cunt, who is ripping off France Electro acts annoys me. So Kanye decided to show the world how easy it is for him to pump out hits, by making up some freestyle on the spot called “Eat Shit and Die”. Telling the penny thrower that he should be ashamed of himself and should “Eat Shit and Die”. Watching Kanye, is like hanging out in the school yard, watching a little brat who’s mom coddles him being picked on, who finally decided to stand up for himself and take on the bullies, and I’m impressed, because when I’m backed in a corner and someone throws money at me, I usually just pick it up and run away, hoping they don’t come after me asking for it back, because I am a hurt bag and any amount people can afford really helps, even if it’s rudely thrown at me. There are no high roads too high where I come from, straight up bottom feeding is my survival skill. I figure if I can manage to get 1000 people to throw one penny at me, I’ll have enough to buy a 6 pack, I just need to find a way to offend or annoy people as much as Kanye does,

But I have pissed off someone enough to throw money my way once. He was some gangster drug dealer and I was at a bar and cut him in line. He was trying to impress a chick, to prove that he was some big shot and that people bow down to him, so he started pushing me while I was ordering my drink and to be a big shot about things. I told him I was waiting to pay, and that’s when he got right up in my face and threw 100 dollar bill on the counter. I was worried about being shanked, because he was mad and wanted me to know how tough he was, without realizing the waitress spotted it before he could get it back, and pocketed that shit before I had a chance to, but I think he really proved his point that I shouldnt cut him in line ever again because it may or may not end up in winning the fucking lottery. Asshole.

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    Kanyewho? Never heard of the motherfucker.

  • Chris

    It is unreal that this guy puts people in the seats. I mean – if it weren’t for his black followers he’d have like 10 people there. The man is a disgusting waste of sperm and egg.

  • jeff

    kanye west > piece of shit > drunken step father > MEGADOUCHE > sperm and egg > Chris

  • Zong

    used tampon > bleeding herpes cock > Kanye West > jeff

  • Chris your actually really wrong. I went to his concert in May and there were WAYYYYYYY more white and asian people there than black…. like WAAAAAYYYYY more. I was surprised

  • Thanks for this post!

    I really appreciated it! ^^

  • Thanks good Post Editor.