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Jenny McCarthy Whoring Herself of the Day

Jenny McCarthy believes that beauty should be recession proof, so she took on a job supporting the cause like it was some sort of political protest and not a fucking very well paid gig for her to spokesperson this shit and hopefully get people who are losing their houses, losing their savings, starving to death to pull out the 5 dollars Suave products cost, because I guess when you’re forced into prostitution, it’s better to have soft skin for random strange men to cum on, unless of course you’re Jenny McCarthy, in which you can just prostitute yourself by attaching yourself to commercial campaigns, because you already whored out your fake tits and body to Playboy decades of go and it was the John that kept on giving, wasn’t it. You fucking cunt.

Oh, and Suave, you’re a fucking cunt too. You have no sympathy to the current state of America you just want people’s money…milk them for all they got by thinking they actually need your fucking product, when we all know that your shit doesn’t do shit, it’s just a scam. You make girls feel insecure and come in as the fucking solution to all their problems, well guess what, my wife uses Suave and she’s fucking ugly, and no matter how much of your fucking shit she slaps on her greasy fucking body, she’s still fucking ugly, so why don’t you make your fucking product actually work and accept the fact that some people are lost causes, instead of milking the lost causes who know they are lost causes with your snake oil, especially in these hard fucking times. Fuck you.

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  • Rachel

    You’re a dumbfuck. If you think your wife is so fucking ugly, then divorce her and quit bitching, you fucking cunt.