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Nicolette Sheridan’s Ass in Boyshorts of the Day

Nicolette Sheridan was out in her Malibu home, or what I assume is her Malibu home because despite the potential of being creepy enough for people to think I’d make a great stalker, I am far too lazy to bother with that shit, especially when living up in Canada and not really giving a fuck about much of anything, and she was doing it in a pair of white boy shorts. Now I know she’s older and I know it looks like she got some fucked up shit going on with her lips that probably involved surgery and I know that she’s probably got a pretty tight pussy. You know she hasn’t had kids, you know she does her kegels while keeping fit and you also know that Michael Bolton and her were engaged for 15 so I’ll assume they never had sex because with hair like he had, and songs like he sang, he’s gotta be a sister. You know, the kind of sister who prefers his significant other to be a top, but the truth is that I really know nothing and just wanted an excuse to post these pictures because I have nothing else to do and haven’t figured out my exit strategy yet. Enjoy.

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  • Big Balls

    Nicole is the ultimate MILF.