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Ashley Scott and Her Sheer Dress of the Day

In celebration of the Superbowl, here’s some football lookin’ motherfucker named Ashley Scott on her way out of a club the other day half naked. Maybe it’s to draw a little attention her herself because I’ve never heard of her, or maybe it’s because she has trouble seducing men, because instilling fear of tearing them apart limb by limb is a shitty seduction strategy, but I doubt that’s the issue, since guys have proven time and time again that they will fuck anything that has a pussy. Especially when her shoulders are pretty fucking broad, that any dude would be scared she’d hunt them down and break their face if they didn’t go home with her. Not that I am ever scared of girls no matter how much stronger, or tougher, or lesbionic and angry they are, because of that whole men are naturally stronger fact. Call me a sexist, but I can’t remember the last time a girl got me to the ground in a fight where I didn’t let her, you know to take advantage of the opportunity and let her think she’s winning, just so I get to feel her breast pushed up against me, and let my hands pretending to fight back, while exploring her inner thigh and every curve, until she realizes what I am doing by my boner pressed against her leg and gets the fuck off me, leaving me no choice but to knock the bitch out to teach her a lesson about cock teasing. To datethere’s no girl who hasn’t gone down to one of my punches and I’m a fucking pussy, so that’s just proof that girls are even bigger pussies….

Either way, I like my pussy in all sizes and shapes, so despite being thick and tough as fuckin’ nails, I still don’t mind seeing her walk around in public in her lingerie, but then again, I don’t mind watching anyone walk around in lingerie, even the senile homeless man who decided he looks pretty in that pink number he stole from the Salvation Army….

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