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Nicolette Sheridan Shows Off Her Stomach of the Day

Looks like Nicolette found a new Michael Bolton to sniff her dirty panties, eat her used tampons, watch her shit, fuck, masturbate and cry in the form of a Golden Retriever, sure it may not be as socially acceptable when people catch him in the trailer licking Cheeze Whiz off her cunt, but having people know you fuck a dog’s a lot less embarrassing than admitting you ever dated Michael Bolton, not to mention the Dog’s a better singer.

It also looks like Nicolette Sheridan has a good body for an old lady as she continues to be my evidence that not having babies may be against natures way and may leave a lot of regret down the line, but at least you can drink that pain away, instead of sitting on your fat ass exhausted from changing diapers and driving kids to day care.

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  • Steveland Cleamer

    I’ve never quite been able to accept that she is hot because I think she kind of looks like a trannie.

  • Expletive Big Man Politics

    I’ve always loved her, from knots landing till now, I like me some cougar.