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Ryan Seacrest Lookin’ Good of the Day

I’ve been saying how dreamy Ryan Seacrest is for a long fucking time, but nobody believes me. They just pass it off as a joke, or as me having issues with my sexuality, when in reality, that’s not the fucking case at all, dude is just a fucking miracle worker, who is involed in pretty much everything and looks fucking incredible, fit and alert when doing it. It’s like where does this guy find the time to sleep, get his hair done, shit and even jerk off in his busy fucking life, and while taking over the world is always fluffy, nice, and a bit of a fucking suck up.

Now, I’ve got proof of how good motherfucker is at workin’ miracles, because here he is on a date with his boyfriend Simon Cowell and nobody can tell it’s him behind that purple number, because he is amazing. What I wouldn’t give to sniff a pair of his dirty panties…

Here they are in video….

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  • Bob Smith

    I think Ryan Seacrest looks pretty manly in that purple dress.

  • Candi Apples

    Terri Seymour is one ugly bitch.

    Simon Cowell obviously just dates women to cover up for the fact that he’s a flamer,just like his homo co-star
    Ryan Seacrest.

  • Nate

    Simon has bigger breasts.

  • wollsi

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  • LOL.. where’s Ryan Seacrest?… 😀