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Carrie Underwood and Her Pink Ass of the Day

Here’s some shitty angles of Carrie Underwood’s ass in some pink sweatpants at the airport. She was on American Idol last night and I guess this was her working her way back to where it all started…I didn’t watch the bullshit because I don’t have a TV, but I can assume it was safe, boring, uneventful and that she was dressed pretty much the same, as to not piss off her hockey boyfriend who has broken her wholesome country girl act, despite being beat to her by Tony Romo, by making her lick his ass more than once.

At least that’s what someone close to the couple told me. It all stems back from when he was playing in the minor league.

No one actually told me that, I made it up because I had nothing to say about these pictures.

I am tired and hungry and uninspired.

I am sure you don’t care to read me whining.

How about I tell you a story about the time I banged a multi platinum talented recording artist.

Right…that never happened.

Oh well. Here are the pics.

From the Archives…..

Carrie Underwood Hiding from the Jumbotron…
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