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Some Amanda Bynes Ass in Jeans of the Day

Here are some pictures of Amanda Bynes wearing some pants and not showing off her legs even though they are all she has going for her. I don’t find her interesting so I don’t really know why I am bothering posting this shit. I guess it has to do with having nothing else to do with my day, which I guess I have in common with Amanda Bynes since I don’t think she’s ever really had work.

Speaking of people with no work, Mischa Barton is in Montreal filming some Ashton Kutcher TV show and I want her to take me out for dinner, but no one I know knows her or where she is staying so I guess, my dreams of banging the girl throwing up on herself in Sixth Sense won’t come true, so I have no choice but to just have to keep jerking off to it.

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  • fall

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  • Satan666

    Dude, Mischa Barton is at the W hotel. Just grab a newspaper and a coffee. Read the newspaper while camped out in the lobby. You’ll see her. She’s boring anyways.

  • Amber Taylor

    Mischa Barton has saddle bags & shapeless sausage legs.

    your fat smelly wife is a hotter fuck any day, Jesus.