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Anna Kournikova Beer Pong With Fallon of the Day

I hate Jimmy Fallon’s show, I like QuestLove from the Roots, but I find Jimmy Fallon a total piece of fucking shit. He isn’t funny. His jokes are bullshit and motherfucker’s trying too fucking hard and needs to get himself a real writing staff, because motherfucker just laughs at himself, can’t tell a fucking joke and pisses me off.

So, I can’t stomach his show, and I did watch it the first week, but that was just to hate on him via twitter, hoping to crack his concentration and get him off the air. I failed, but still waiting for him to acknowledge I exist.

That said, he had Anna Kournikova on and she looked amazing in her black dress, she’s a hot Russian I would have loved to mail order, if she didn’t use sports to escape the communist rule.

They played Beer Pong, cuz he’s and idiot and tries to play games with the people he interviews and I guess he’s also trying to connect to the college kids, something I can relate to, because I always want to connect my dick at the very least with college kids, while giving his advertisers constant shout outs because he’s trying to survive, something I can’t relate to.

This is the video, I didn’t watch it, even though she looks amazing, but I did get to the point where she says Bananus and I liked it….

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