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Amanda Bynes Showin’ Off Her Leg of the Day

Amanda Bynes was out showing off her legs, as she does, because it takes focus off her stupid lookin’ head, I guess it’s really all she has time for these days, you know since she’s not working and all, but still managing to hold onto that little fame flame she once had when she was 12. I don’t actually know who Amanda Bynes is or what she does, so maybe she is actually working, you’ll have to check IMDB for that, because I am not really interested enough to go that deep, I am however interested in going balls deep, but unfortunately for her, in my case, we’re stuck in the shallow end. If you know what I mean.

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  • sunshine

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  • Lt.Dangle

    I need to see her nude…………….This is my mission.

  • Expletive Big Man Politics

    I have nothing derogatory to say about amanda bynes, at least nothing beyond the obvious, and that isn’t because I like her in some extra ordinary way, it’s because I’ve always hoped I’d get the chance to meet her and then get to know her and finally, getting to really really know her, then i’d call her a fuck cunt and be done with it.