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Sienna Miller’s Showin’ Off Her Dirty Bare Feet of the Day

I don’t know what it about Sienna Miller, but I do know I want to fuck her. Unfortunately, I feel like a lot of people have beat me to it and by a lot of people, I mean A LOT of fucking people. I feel like she’s had more cock than Chick-fil-a. You know the kind of girl who smokes hard, drinks hard, rips coke hard, and jumps on dick hard and often, and I guess that’s almost disgusting.

See, I am the kind of guy who likes my vagina’s like a luxurious shoe still on the shelf at the shoe store, you know the kind you aren’t too sure how many times they’ve been tried on, or if they’ve ever been tried on, because they are firm, the leather is tight and they are in pretty mint condition, you know something you’d spend a couple hundred dollars on.

Now I’ve got a feeling Sienna Miller’s vagina is more like the kind of shoe you’d pick up at the second hand store for 50 cents, you know mismatched, discolored and slowly turning grey, loose and falling apart, worn by many people and fucking stinks because of some infection that was left behind, with a weird rough patch near the toe and a hole in the sole…..if you know what I mean….

And here is Sienna Miller not wearing any shoes going through Airport security, showing off her dirty hippie, free spirited, fun loving, slut feet that I know at least one guy has cum all over…..

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