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A Little Stallone To Make Your Day Better of the Day

Fuck today’s been hell. I just can’t manage to get anything done, so I’ve turned to Stallone to inspire me to get shit going. Dude’s jumping around like a nutcase and he’s in his fucking 60s, so if he can do that for millions of dollars, the least I can do is get out of my birthday depression and hangover and post some fuckin’ pictures of celebrities to hate on….

If you’re not into old men jumping off shit, maybe you’ll appreciate the shit this old man used to jump on in the 80s, when he was married to this monster Brigitte Nielsen.

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  • n2tattoos

    he’s not dead?!?

  • cowbulls

    I bet he’s glad he paid whatever it took to get away from that ugly woman. He’s lucky he didn’t fall in as he’s apparently clumsy.

  • I’m glad Sly’s still in good action form but his movies are still ain’t good enough.