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Gwen Stefani Shows Off Some Leg of the Day

I always thought Gwen Stefani was disgusting. Maybe it had to do with her ethnic face and bleached hair, but I think it had to do with her jacked body that reminded me of the captain of the track team at my highschool, so seeing her in her little skirt makes me want to throw-up, because I am sure her vagina is vile and not just because it belongs to Bush, but because her jacked body reminds me of the captain of the track team, I know I said that already, but I didn’t say that he was a dude, which he was, and he always annoyed me with stories of fucking the hot chicks in the school, when they wouldn’t even bother giving me the time of day, making me realize that fat never wins, unless it’s a fight against a heart, or a pair of pants that are one size too small, or even in a war against the people sitting next to you on the plane.

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  • jessiy

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  • Josh

    Travesty legs…

    Looks like Ian Ziering in drag…