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Joss Stone Flashes Her Ass at Coachella of the Day

Here’s the extent of my Coachella coverage because I wasn’t there and didn’t get to experience the “EVENT OF A FUCKING LIFETIME” first hand because I don’t give a fuck about that kind of shit, as I just mentioned in my other post. So far the only highlight I’ve found is a horrible upskirt shot of Joss Stone performing that doesn’t even get in a close enough view as when I stand under the stairs at the movie theater.

I was expecting Coachella coverage to include topless bitches, people getting raped in tents, fuckin’, blowjobs, groupies being ridiculous, but all I’ve got is this shitty upskirt, enjoy.

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  • fall

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  • anony

    Joss Stone is worthless.
    She sounds like she’s doing an imitation of a Janis Joplin impersonator.
    Totally unoriginal.
    And — nice touch with the pierced face and nose.