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This May Be Goldie Hawn’s Nipple of the Day

This may be Goldie Hawn’s nipple. I couldn’t really make it out because staring at Goldie Hawn’s tit for too long, makes me wet and hungry for old pussy, because I have a feeling shit smells like mothballs, tastes like burnt meat, has the same texture as a rotting catalope wrapped in an old muddy boot and it’s fucking porn to me.

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  • I’d wear that antique shit out. Been wanting to since I first spanked it to Laugh In reruns in the ’70’s. Where’s Thermos? Figured his granny-humpin ass woulda been all over this.

  • Expletive: BMP

    I like me a cougar, but who doesn’t these days; it’s a well known fact that most cougars most assuredly don’t have aids.

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