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Eva Herzigova in a One-Piece of the Day

The one-piece has always been a favorite article of clothing for me, mainly because I have a soft spot for a piece of clothing that forces a girl to get completely naked everytime she has to take a pee. There’s no pullin the crotch to the side, because of the potential mess, so the only real solution is full fuckin’ naked.

That comes in handy when spying on public bathrooms by the public pool.

So all you haters, who whine when you see a girl who would potentially look amazing in a bikini rock her one-piece. You lack foresight and creepiness. Your perversion is basic, one dimensional and doesn’t scratch the real surface. It takes a situation for what it is at face fuckin’ value, instead of making it work for you. Step up your fuckin’ game son.

Her name is Eva Herzigova and she’s eating food before modeling possibly the reason for her one-piece but it’s still hot to me….

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  • serafina

    Also because it touches her pussy, ass, and tits at the same time.

  • Shaun

    Jesus, that’s deep.

  • come on… Fight!

  • Otis Tibbs school janitor

    I ain tryin ta strip da floors

  • I have never once thought of it that way. That’s a five fold level of creepy pervness above me.