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Anna Faris And Her Crotch in Period Short of the Day

Here is that pretty irrelevant actress who gets cast in shitty movies you would probably only watch at 5 in the morning after coming home alone wasted when it’s on TV and you’re lying in bed and too lazy to go to the computer and figure your best chance to get off is a story about a Playboy bunny becoming a Sorority girl, only to wake up 10 hours later, still drunk with your underwear around your ankles and your dick still in hand, with random memories of the night before, coming in wasted and alone because the girl who was dancing provocatively didn’t go home with you and trying to jerk yourself to sleep to some shitty B movie, but unsure if you ever finished. That’s the kind of girl Anna Faris is and here she is showing off her pussy in a pair of period shorts.

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