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Mandy Moore’s Got a New Album of the Day

If the way a girl sings is representative of how they fuck, Mandy Moore brings the fucking boring. Is this even fucking music. I can’t dance to the shit and god fucking knows I love dancing. This shit doesn’t even make me want to cry or feel sadness or loss or any fucking emotion that music can sometimes bring up in me, it just sounds like something I’d unwillingly fall asleep to while driving down the fuckin’ freeway causing me to drive off the fuckin overpass only to wake up mid-air to experience the horriible crash where I don’t die on contact but live long enough to hear the blood pouring out of my painful wounds drown out this fucking shitty song before dying a horrible death.

Fuck you Mandy Moore and your singing career.

Here’s Another boring video of her Performing

And a boring video of Soundcheck at the same event…


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  • Hot damn, I can not think of a better 30th b-day gift than having my amazing HD video featured on DrunkenStepfather. No joke, I have made it. Very cool, thank you.

    Oh and for the record, boring or not I would still love to meathole Mandy Moore 🙂