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Dannii Minogue for Old Times of the Day

Here’s is Kylie Minogues shadow or her sister who grew up in her shadow, who I guess has a stronger immune system than her, because she never got breast cancer like her defective older sister, thus making her the less interesting one to try to seduce and marry because that means has higher chances of survival than someone who is relapsing, because you’d only trying to get with her to live the good life gold diggin’ and not because you used to masturbate to her pop career over the years, not that any of that will ever happen, I just have nothing to fuckin’ say today, maybe I should eat lunch or even better…kill myself.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would hump this old cow, like the day was almost over.

    Hotness. Huge nipples. Shit, I would pay to slip my cock into her.

  • Dave’s Not Here

    Nah, this bitch has been run through the machine more than once. Fuck that, give me her defective sister with the nice ass anyday!!

    I’d love to hear Kylie squeal will I’m pumping her rectum!!! Squeal! SQUEAL!!!!

    Aw shit…. BRB

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