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Courtney Love See-Thru Shirt of the Day

I hope Courtney Love’s leather/latex pants a breathable, because she looks like the kind of girl who you don’t want to have her pussy roastin’ inside some small, hot space with little ventilation. It’s more the kind of pussy you want to air the fuck out on the regular, maybe throw her in a skirt with cotton panties just so the scents and discharge don’t fester and make her lady parts start to slowly rot.

Here she is bringing out her crazy in some see-thru shirt and I don’t really have anything else to say about this bitch because she’s really of no interest to me and I am only posting this today because I find it little interestin that she’s not dead yet, even though she might as well be, partially because of her addictions and self-destructive decisions, partially because of karma for murdering her husband, but mainly because she’s that fuckin’ irrelevant and I assumed that she was….

Here are the pics….

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  • Damn she ruined her face. Now if she only didn’t wear that bra under that shirt, I would not have noticed.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    She rocks the red red lipstick, who cares how crazy she is?

  • Truff

    I thought that was a picture of Keef Richards at first glance…