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Jenna Jameson’s Disgusting…But Not As Disgusting as Her Vagina of the Day

I remember when Jenna Jameson was at the top of her fucking game. She was running a huge porn company, she was in a ton of movies and when people thought porn they thought of her. That entire fucking time, I did not get one fucking erection over her, and although that may not be a testament of how vile I find her pussy and tits, but more a testament of my hard drinking, my enlarged prostate and my ugly wife stealing my libido, I just never got the appeal or why she of all pornstars went mainstream and I guess it doesn’t matter because after her twins escaped her rancid woman parts, she hasn’t bounced back, looks like shit, and I will never have to see her fuck in video again and I guess that’s worth celebrating….

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  • She looks like an old drag queen trying to do Tara Reid.

  • Bob Smith

    I think back in the day when she was in her 20’s her porn was pretty hot.

    The problem with her, like most porn stars, is that they start dating guys and they all of the sudden get rules about who they fuck. “Oh, I only do girls”. “I don’t do anal anymore”

    And you’re like “what the fuck??? You’re a girl who gives head and fucks animals and takes it in the ass, and all the sudden you have rules? Who would pay to watch porn from a girl with rules. We get that from our wives and girlfriends.

    It’s like porn with condoms. It’s unwatchable. If you’re not willing to take the risk, get the F outta porn. It’s a fantasy.

  • yawn

    she was hot and she was GOOD.

  • Magic Peachz

    WOW. Lighten up. Who on earth could do porn forever? She looks good all things considered. And truly dude did someone put a gun to your head and MAKE you watch her? Yeah I know this is supposed to be “snarky” and all but jeez… I think she retired with a little bit of dignity if a porn star can find any.