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Ciara Showing Off Her “Vagina” of the Day

If Ciara is really a man, which I doubt, here is a picture of the top of her pussy, because anus is what men use as their vaginas, true story….that’s all I have to say about that.

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  • skeeter

    what is she driving, a hummer? why doesn’t it have spinners and low pro tires on it?
    by looks of things, that car is ready to be driven up to the mountains or over some rugged terrain where its white occupants will get out and proceed to hunt wild animals with their high powered weapons. they will discuss how the republicans are turning into pussies, crack a couple of black or jew jokes and dismiss global warming.

    quit trying to copy are style you sellout

  • yylily

    —————————————She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”””” M e e t i n g W e a l t h y . c o m”””””last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?——————

  • Bob Smith

    I think she doesn’t look like a tranny, and I predict that if I got ahold of her, she’s been screaming “oh massa massa massa”.