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Gwen Stefani’s Unfortunate See Thru Shirt of the Day

I never understood why Gwen Stefani was ever considered hot. I remember her stomach exposing tops during the beginning of her career, showing off her abs and next to nothing tits, and thinking to myself why this dude was pretending to be a chick, was it because girl rock was making the charts and they figured they could really penetrate the market, and all it took was a little tape. Then she got married and I figured that maybe the dude was a poofter who didn’t want to be known as a poofter but then she got pregnant and I was stumped, until seeing an episode of Desperate Housewife, where the redhead pretended she was pregnant when her daughter was actually pregant, so she sent the daughter away, so people thought it was her kid when the kid dropped, then realized she had a surrogate in her poolhouse or some shit…..and here she is still pretending she’s got a pussy, by wearing a bra and a see thru top, we call this overcompensating to really push the lie, when she should probably just undo the straps and let it all hang the fuck out…

Pics Via PacificCoastNews

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  • suckadick

    fuck that. she is hot as fuck still.

  • Truff

    She looks like a white Rhianna. Trying way too hard to be so cutting edge…

  • m3

    Gwen Stefani is pretty but she’d look so hot if she got some double D implants. Oh yeah!

  • jeez

    You watch Desperate Housewives? Fag?