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Charlize Theron Suckin’ Chocolate Popsicles of the Day

Either that’s a small ice cream or Charlize Theron’s got a huge face, mouth and hands, but I am posting it because I figure you can still jerk off to this pretending it’s your cock in her mouth, because you’re used to bitches not needing to open too wide for you, you know while holing the base of your cock like their fingers are a pair of tweezers….small penis fantasy is easy for you to relate to, and watching Charlize put anything in her mouth, even if it’s brown, is easy for me to relate to….not because I like putting things in my mouth, but because I like watching her put things in her mouth…

Pics Via PacificCoastNews

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  • My Big Stiffy

    If only my cock was that popsicle. Damn!!

  • JWF


    Based on that headline, I was hoping that there were big black cocks involved!

  • Damn in the 2’nd pic is she sitting next to a midget priest?

  • Wendel

    Ahh, what comments.

    The thought, the subtlety, it is all Noel Coward all over again.

    (although I confess, by the headline I was hoping . . . well, you know.

  • i saw Charlize Theron once and i really like her charming looks and her super flawless skin. she is also a tall woman and walks like a queen.