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Nicolette Sheridan’s Got No Bra and A Pair of Men’s Underwear On of the Day

Nicolette Sheridan was out wearing what you’d expect to see a man wearing in a Calvin Klein ad and not entirely something you’d expect to see a Hollywood whore rockin’ out in public, but then again, she is recently single, you know, no more Michael Bolton singing in her pussy like it was a Jazz Sax, oh wait that’s Kenny G, same shit….

Maybe this is some kind of walk of shame after a night getting fucked up the ass by the dude she’s walking around with, where her party dress got a mix of shit and cum smeared all over it and the only outfit they could come up with out of his closet was this. Everything else was too big for her and that would really be obvious, so squeezing in a pair of his boxer briefs and undershirt with no bra, just made sense….

I’m not complaining, I think she’s still hot for an old bitch who I am sure has fucked many many many men but who never polluted herself with kids…maybe because of a botched abortion,but probably because she’s too busy loving herself, but then again, what the fuck do I know, look at the pics…

Pics via Fame

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  • suckadick

    Saw an upskirt of her and her beef curtains were hanging out the side of her panties. Made me hungry and want to bite down on that shit and yank at it with all my might.

  • drunken pig

    Doggie is following the scent of beef jerky,aka; her chewed up piss flaps!!

  • PsyKo

    Can’t believe how good she still looks… how old is she, 40 something?

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