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Hilary Swank Almost Lets Us Look Up Her Skirt of the Day

Was it gay of me for jerking off to the scene in Boys Don’t Cry, where Hilary Swank a girl who dressed like a boy, was in the bathroom and a group of her friends ripped her pants off, revealing her bush, so the rednecks discovered their best buddy was a chick, figuring they should take advantage of the situation and fuck the shit out of him, like the pussy was a gift from fuckin’ god?
That is like you thinking “shit, I’ve known this dude for 8 years and we have so much in common, he’s pretty much my soulmate, but he was always a he and that would make me gay if I ever pursued it and I don’t want to be gay or admit my feelings to him, that would turn my whole life upside down and he’d probably drop me as a friend so that I’d have none of him” about your best friend, then you accidentally walk in on him in the bathroom and dude’s sitting on the fuckin’ toilet with a full fuckin’ vagina, making you think it must be a dream come true, so you decide to rape the poor fucker….
Yeah, it was pretty gay of me cuz the reason Hilary Swank got the gig was cuz she made a good boy no matter how big a vagina she has, and here she showing us some leg, maybe a little upskirt….

Pics via Bauer

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  • Almost!!!!

  • drunken pig

    Jesus buddie,don’t make it so complicated!! We can take turns splitting her
    like wet pine. That will end all confusion. Your welcome!!


    Even tho she’s a filthy fucking liberal, she makes my dick hard. I’ll bet she likes to talk dirty.