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Kimberly Stewart is Real Ugly of the Day

Hey Rich Girls….Kimmy Stewart proves that if your dad doesn’t give you much love or attention because he is too busy being a short rockstar marrying tall models pretending he’s not a fuckin’ fag, despite what his music would imply, then divoricing those tall models because they don’t have dicks and they give up on trying to convince him to fuck them for more than just the sake of knocking them up, cuz babies secure the lie since everyone knows that gay guys don’t have babies, forcing him to move on to the next tall model, leaving you without a father, but with a trust fund to do whatever the fuck you want with it, because he has so much money, he doesn’t care you burn thru, cuz he doesn’t really care about you as he never really got to know you since he has only really met you a handful of times, which may be a good thing for you, because after seeing the Mackenzie Philips incest lie, having a rockstar dad who likes you a little too much does just as much damage -leaving you self-medicating disaste with a serious drug addiction…. don’t fall into the trap, cuz by the time you turn 30, you’ll look like fucking shit.

Pics via INFphoto

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    You shitting me? I would fuck that until neither of us could walk.

  • gay stepfather

    Compared to you she’s a super model you fat ugly fuck. You talk shit about other people to try and scrounge up a meager living… You are repulsed by the sight of your wife. Your life sucks. Grow some fucking heart, stop putting all that crap in your body, fucking hit the gym,.. But that’s too difficult right? I hate losers that talk shit. You don’t actually make yourself better by doing it. If you actually put some work into how you look maybe someone other than your fat fucking wife would want you… actually she’s not even attracted to you….. HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU TALK SHIT??? Are you that ignorant about the truth. Look at how you choose to make your mark on life.

  • chlyn

    She looks beautiful, and beautifully styled.

  • Olivia

    God damn dude…you ever heard of a fucking period? Your ranting might be a little more tolerable and even somewhat funny if you stopped for a fucking breath.

  • BarbadoSlim

    Take your supermarket psychology and shove it up your ass “gay stepfather” you fucking faggot. This is HIS site nobody is forcing you to read it.

  • Damdadam

    Wow… how come that some people still think it is funny to call someone fag and use gay as an insult? DS you really need to grow a brain. Belive me: it only hurts a bit.

  • drunken pig

    Hey Step faggot!! They have meds for your condition.(Pig kicks the soap box out from faggie and proceeds to pummel him).
    She would,chlyn, look “beautifully styled” with my cock in her mouth humming “do you think im sexy” !!

  • Emma G

    You all need to get a dick up ya. Wankers.

  • RedSoxfan

    She’s not that bad. Bad makeup and hair. Mackenzie didn’t lie.

  • Fargo

    In the first pic, it shows that her “teacup “puppies” have drooped almost to her waist!!! She needed the “new ones” she bought but later had doc removed them. That dirty ole’ dad Rod (with impeccable inpropriety) told how nice they were and probably hired someone to screw Kimbo so that he could satisfa (sorry–that was that other dirty ole’ man Mick Jagger) . . .

  • kbean

    Actually her dad is quite tall – I worked with him once and was totally surprised. He is at least 6 ft.