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Justine Bateman in her Support Hose of the Day

I guess Justine Bateman isn’t the fresh faced, young slut, we used to fantasize about on Family Ties back when Michael J. Fox wasn’t a living vibrator, because she’s wearing a pair of compression stocking to fight of her varicose veins, and there’s nothing hotter than a bitch who is fighting off varicose veins , except for the fact that they are usually in their 70s but relatively easy, cuz but the time they reach the point of wearing compression stockings they are pretty much at the point of taking anything they can get, because they know they don’t quite have it going on anymore, at least that’s what some old crazy dude who used to hang at the pantyhose rack at the pharmacy I worked at told me when I asked him why he was there 3 times a week for 3 hours at a time the second week I notcied him there.
But the good news is that Justine Bateman switches things up in a pair of shorts and clogs that lead me to believe she’s no longer a hollywood personality, but more of a swiss mountain man hearding sheep. Either way, I am friends with her on Facebook, or I was friends with her on facebook and that kind of love won’t let varicose veins, or baby baggage get in the way.

Pics via Fame

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